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Vantage Automotive provide a complete range of workforce development and outsource solutions for the retail automotive industry. This sector continues to experience challenging market conditions with vehicle manufacturers looking to find new ways to differentiate their offerings and secure existing and new customers. Our expertise in delivering measurable business improvements and access to government funding enables us to develop and deliver new solutions for our vehicle manufacturer clients whilst enhancing the skills of the Australian workforce.

We provide dedicated teams of people that work within the vehicle manufacturers’ organisations, supplying a range of outsource services. These teams seek to improve the sales of vehicles and parts on behalf of vehicle manufacturers, improve customer service and dealer profitability.

Our people development solutions operate academies for a number of volume and prestige brands working with manufacturers and national sales companies to develop the skills of franchised and manufacturer owned dealer networks across all functions of an automotive retail outlet from vehicle sales, aftersales, parts, and service to back office functions such as administration.

The apprentice learning operation is the major supplier to the automotive retail sector operating many of the manufacturer programmes in Australia. Operating from manufacturer's and our own brand facilities across the country, these deliver technical specialisms within the sector with apprentice graduates achieving VQ frameworks at level II and III



corporateThe Adult Learning division provides training in a range of automotive roles on behalf of leading global vehicle manufacturers that lead towards manufacturers and other accredited qualifications. The Adult Learning division enables vehicle manufacturers to outsource the operation, management and administration of their training functions. These brand dedicated teams provide resources to improve the skills and knowledge in the dealer network.

Programs include:

•    In-house technical training functions

•    Customer service skill enhancement programs

•    Retail, business and fleet sales development programs

•    Designing and delivering programs across all disciplines

•    Technical course authoring

•    Parts Training

•    Body Shop Training




MBI is the name given to our internal performance management system that measures the performance improvements directly brought about by the interventions of our dedicated Teams or Programs on behalf of the Client.

Performance improvements are aligned to clients’ commercial objectives and can be expressed in both financial and non-financial terms. Additionally, MBI provides a very clear method of demonstrating the ‘added value’ of the team or program to the client. MBI is at the very core of our business philosophy, it pervades each contract and every team member.  MBI is seen as one of our competitive differentiators that: focuses and drives individual’s activities; delivers quality results; demonstrates added value; and measures the actual impact our Teams have on a Client’s business.

Using the concept of performance management, MBI engages all Team Members in delivering the Client’s Objectives. This is achieved by each Team Member having their own specific targets that are aligned to the achievement of Client commercial objectives. Their actual performance is then measured against those targets and visually represented via their MBI report.

This strategy helps focus and drive the individual Team Member, thereby maximising efficiency and delivering quality results to the Client.

MBI can be used as a diagnostic tool that enables undesired trends to be identified and actioned accordingly.  It provides transparent feedback of a program’s performance and enables clear evaluation of a program, facilitating the setting of new targets / goals. The use of MBI allows our clients to diagnose current situation within our client base as well as our funding providers.  The adult learning division can now analyse how it is performing against the client’s objectives and how to guarantee quality provision to funding providers.

MBI Examples

The diagram below gives an example of individual Team Member MBI Reports. The performance data of these reports is then consolidated to produce the overall MBI Report for the Program.


Typical MBI measures used to focus and drive the Teams, include:

  • •    Average Learner Progress and Achievement
  • •    Number of Learners
  • •    Number of Early Leavers
  • •    Average Learner Satisfaction
  • •    Staff CPD
  • •    Key Skills

Typical MBI measures used to focus and drive the Students, include:

  • •    Attendance
  • •    Assessments
  • •    Key Skills
  • •    VQ Progression
  • •    Key Skills Assignments
  • •    Student Attitude

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logo pdf

MBI Benefits

Our Clients have found the implementation of MBI within Apprenticeship Learning has seen the following benefits:    

  • •    Ensures program delivery by clearly defining objectives / targets and measuring actual performance against those targets
  • •    Ensures Team Member ‘engagement’ and ownership by visibly linking their individual objectives to the Client’s goals
  • •    Focuses and drives individuals to deliver quality results and added value to the Client
  • •    Enhances Client intimacy by providing ‘transparent’ feedback on the program’s performance
  • •    Provides a diagnostic capability that enables under performance to be identified and resolved as early as possible
  • •    Enables clear evaluation of a program, facilitating the development of new ‘stretch’ objectives

Client Testimony

“We have found that the ‘MBI performance management’ system used within the Audi Program clearly focuses the team and provides us with transparent management information that visually demonstrates progress towards our commercial objectives…”

Lyndon Bain, General Manager After Sales, Audi Australia 

Key Audi Deliverables

The main deliverables are:

  • •    A robust, comprehensive and proven performance measurement system
  • •    A system that enables Audi to measure the contribution and business impact of our program
  • •    Timely management reports that provide Audi with up-to-date and accurate information on progress towards the achievement of the brand objectives

MBI implementation within the Audi Modern Apprenticeship Program

The Audi Modern Apprenticeship Program was the first to use our internal performance management system, referred to as ‘Measurable Business Improvement (MBI)’. The implementation of MBI enabled the Client and program team to monitor and improve the program performance.

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