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The aim of this program is to involve the Vantage Technicians in a diverse range of Motorsport situations, where they may be needed to help repair competitors vehicles within a short time frame. Based out of a specifically set up garage, the Apprentice Technicians will be equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to perform emergency repairs if needed. This is a great asset to the IPRA field as they will have four Technicians and an experienced trainer at their disposal should their car suffer a mechanical failure.


   The Pit Crew Profile

What was your inspiration to get involved in motor racing?

My dad is a mechanic and my mum was a car dealer, I was raised with the love and passion of cars and motor bikes. As I grew older I become more and more interested in motorsports, as I experienced Circuit Racing, Drifting and Rally’s I moved on to having a passion for Motor Cross and MotoGP.

Tell us about your experience, being a member of the Vantage Automotive Racing Pit Team.

I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to join the Vantage Automotive Pit Crew. Throughout this experience I have already expanded my skills and met so many people. The IPRA community are so supportive and encouraging, if anyone else got given the chance to have this opportunity I would tell them to jump at it!

We hear that you race your own car – please tell us more!

Yes I do, my car is a reflection and represents myself. I have a Nissan 200ZX S15 Spec R, which is the car I drift for in races, it’s not the most powerful car but it is rough around the edges, gets the job done and it has never let me down. I have a great passion for drifting having that feeling of going into a corner at 90+ Kilometres sideways has no comparison. I love the adrenaline of drifting, I have big plans for the Nissan this year, so stay tuned.

What are your aspirations and goals within the automotive industry?

I am always setting new and higher goals for myself; I am aiming to become one of the Subaru Australia’s first female in Master Tech. After that accomplishment I would like to become an Apprentice Trainer.

What advice would you give a young job seeker, considering a career in the automotive industry?

I would tell them to go for it! It has open up a whole world of new friends and opportunities for me. The automotive industry is definitely calling more girls to come and join!

- Alex Huntley                                                                                     



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